Yellow Colour Shower (イエローカラーシャワー Ierō Karā Shawā) is a basic finishing move that Cure Jaune uses that can only be used with the Rainbow Pen. It was first used in Episode 3.

Description Edit

Cure Jaune holds up her Rainbow Pen and summons the power of the Yellow Rainbow, causing a stream of yellow hearts to swirl around her. She then kisses the palm of her hand, forming a yellow heart. She throws it and it circles around her, multiplying into several hearts, then back into one large heart that hits the target, which purifies it.

Incantation Edit

Japanese Edit

Cure Jaune: プリキュアイエローカラーシャワー!

Romanization Edit

Cure Jaune: Purikyua Ierō Karā Shawā!

Translation Edit

Cure Jaune: Pretty Cure Yellow Colour Shower!

Gallery Edit

Video Edit

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